Behind our Brand

Meet our CEO & Co-Founders, Malvika & Veronica

MASIC was born out of a conversation during the 2020 lockdown between two best friends, Malvika & Veronica, in an effort to create a beauty and lifestyle brand that could be luxurious, yet budget friendly.

 Malvika has been a beauty content creator for 7 years, and has always believed that when it comes to your own personal beauty routine, sticking to your basics is always the key. It’s also how the name of the brand came about, in case you were wondering! 

 (Malvika + Basic = MASIC)

As a brand, each product is curated for you to experience simplicity with a touch of luxury.

So, with us, you can have it all.  The simplicity. The quality. The affordability.
It all starts with being 


Love & Hugs,

Malvika & Veronica